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Trigger girl is that a saddle on your back?

Wow am i a slacker or what 🙃 brian and abbie have been working so hard on these horses. And i just have been so behind on the blog about it! 

Well royal has a saddle on! You can throw it on her now and cinch her right up in the barn! Crazy to think we had to chase them down to put blankets on them and now they just get saddled like it's nothing! She's been good about not screaming for her friends- when she gets nervous she doesn't paw anymore! They even got to pony her and abbie sat on her and trotted her around in the big arena! She isn't spooky and really smooth, Abbie says! We are so excited about where she will be in 30 days! Soon she will just need some wet saddle pads and good riding! 

Trigger is getting super far too! Last blog we didn't have a saddle on her yet! And now we do! And she handled it pretty decent- she bucked and lost her mind for a while but now she got the hang of it! You can bring her up to the barn now and she stands to get groomed- they don't tie yet but they are working on it! You can pick out all four feet now! And you can saddle her at the barn and she handles it so well! I like the way she moves. She's super tiny so it'll be good for anyone who needs a confidence boost - I think she'll be like our lesson horse Elvis, once she's in a gait she will keep it! She's just much smaller! 

Freckles …. Welllllllllll we did get a saddle on her! And it wasn't super terrible! Buttttt Lisa took her haler off in the field and well.. No one can catch her 😆 we have been trying for about two weeks now- her field is so big she just runs and runs even if you take her friends out she still wont let you get her! She runs around like a lunatic! She looks pretty while doing it thou 😂 so hopefully we find a way to catch her soon so that way we can continue her progress - but she is about 2 weeks behind everyone else 🙁 

A side note from the three girls is remember the paint mare and the donkey? She's been doing great! She's a little Broncy to the right so we are working that out of her.she such a nice mover and such a loving mare! I can't wait to see everything she teaches!

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