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Come board with us!

Our goal is to treat your horse like they are our own! We want to be you and your horse's safe place! Your horse's happiness is important to us!  Rockin j is full of a big happy ranch family!

Boarding Includes:

  • Pasture Access.

  • Unlimited access to the outdoor arena + a 1/4 race track.

  • Discounts on lessons that are $60/hour and over.

  • Twice daily feeding of high quality performance grain.

  • Blanketing/Fly Sheet taking off and putting on.

  • Round pen available.

  • 24/7 Access to Hay.

  • On-site security cameras.

At Rockin J, your horse's diet matters to us! We provide your horse with alfalfa pellet as well as the best quality, high protein & high fat feed - with Outlast for gastric health and Amplify for additional fat - to keep your horse looking and feeling their best all season long! We will add any supplement you provide to your horses food. They can get fed in the field, or we can bring them into a stall to eat for an extra charge!

Pasture Board: $550 per month per horse

Stall Board: $675 per month per horse

Please contact Lisa at (888) 534-0989 

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