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Is that a saddle i see?

Well we did it! We finally got a saddle on royal- and she wasn't too bad! 

Due to the weather everyone took a mini break and brain went back and thought of different ways to approach the royal situation! What he came up with is that even though Royal is in charge of the pack she is not at all confident and she doesn't know how to behave on her own. So when she does something good you have to overly praise her! Which she very much responded to. She's like most women ( HEHE) and she likes to be told when she's doing good! 

On the lead line and closer to brain and Abbie she is a little more confident then off the lead line- which is good because three weeks ago she wasn't confident with either- she's also getting a little better about being by herself! She stood STILL no pawing , throwing a fit, digging,( IYKYK) screaming, she just stood there like a good girl - it's the little things ya know.

What's been cool about having the three of them is it's been wild to watch all the different approaches you have to take per horse to be able to accomplish all the same task at the end. it truly shows how different every horse is and how there are so many different ways to do something. Some things work for some and other things work for others! But it's all about understanding and reading the horse and making sure what works best for THEM. not you,me or sally sue, but what the horse needs to be able to work hard! 

We're getting closer and closer to getting on these sweet girls! We are so excited to be able to invite everyone to watch that day! Despite the bad weather, Brain and Abbie have done a good job with staying consistent- even just taking them out and having them around everyone is so good for them! 

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