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Horse Leasing

Experience the feel of owning a horse without having to pay all their maintenance bills! 

Full Lease: $336/month

With a Full Lease, you are allowed to ride 3 times a week - with one lesson required  with one of our instructors.  Each ride should be limited to one hour each ride. This will be a commitment to one horse, and advancement to a higher level horse will apply with instructor approval. Trailer and Horse use fees apply if traveling to shows. Discount available on group lessons. Discount is limited to one lesson per month.

Half Lease: $250/month

With a Half Lease, you are allowed 2 rides per week, at one hour each ride. We understand here at Rockin J that some just want to enjoy horses on a casual "weekly" basis and not compete - this lease is for you!

Hacking: $55/hour

Ride one hour a week on your own (upon instructor approval - must have taken at least 5 lessons with us). Absolutely no galloping ( running ) allowed when doing a lease ride. Welcome to bring your own tack or use ours! Trailer and Horse use fees apply.  

Please contact Lisa at (888) 534-0989 

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