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FRECKLES can we catch you?!?!?!?!

Well do I have a story for you guys….

So the girls are in the big field and they love it but they can be hard to catch 100% sometimes but they love their field so whatever right? Well as long as they have their halters on - cept royal anyone and everyone can catch her bc shes a good girl!!! 

Well someone …no one will fess up who - took off freckles halter. 

So we couldn't catch her - no one could. No matter how hard we tried! She was in about 6 acres and could just run and run and run and run! This horse showed INCREDIBLE talent today….anyway we will get there. 

SO we have been sending multiple people in there for a month now- and you could PET her but the second you went to put a lead line over their neck or a halter on she would BOOK it away. 

So I had Hudak helping me and my sweet Emily who trains at the ranch have a break and help me try to catch these horses. There was no shot- all the horses started running away- running and running and running around. It was like a game to them! It sucked! So I decided enough was enough and we were catching this horse today so matter how long it took! 

Training this horse was easy, she was a good girl! We always said how smart she was ( even though that's been a huge disadvantage the past month) and of course everyone loves the way she looks! 

So I pulled all her friends out of the fields and put them in the stalls or the round pens - oh my gosh would you have thought the world was ending! The lessons today got to learn what it's like to have a barn full of PISSED off mares! Lol so funny how they can stall at a show but at home they would rather be in their fields with their friends! 

So then we got the gator so we could KIND of keep up with this mare- this horse was LAPPING us- we would go for 5 mins and then try to catch and if she ran away we would do it over and over. Nothing. 

We took a break from that and then we had brain rope her - this is where the fun began lol- Foley was the goodest boy he could be- caught this horse and brain caught the hell out of her first try! But she got out of the dally and was running around! For 45 mins - she had the rope on her still but it did not slow her down one bit! She was running wild as free as could be! Doing rollbacks tails high as could be and just hauling around! 100% feral mare! It was a little fun to watch the amazing ( BARREL) potential this horse is going to have! She was amazing!!! 

Finally after we were undoing our heavy ass round pen nicky went to the back and she stopped running scared up to him and he just picked up the rope like it was a lead  line and turned around and she just followed him around-

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