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The Girls ..... Pregnant???

Hi, its me - the slackerrrrrr lol 

Well to be honest, i wasn't slacking as much as you guys think … 

Because we thought the girls were…. 


But after the official vet check on monday night we found out they are in fact not pregnant ( thank goodness because who knows what they would have been bred with!) but off of pictures and videos the vets definitely agreed with me that they looked pregnant!  

So thank goodness we aren't pregnant, not that we didn't want the ranch's first babies, but we don't agree with backyard breeding! When we breed we want to make sure we do everything right! We are looking to breed a horse at the ranch in 2025! So that will be exciting! 

If the system lets me, I will try to post the updated videos of the girls but we have gotten a saddle on trigger~ she didn't like it much at first but got better throughout time, bucking is normal behavior for the first time getting something on their backs! She stood still like a pro and handled the cinching really well! Just didn't like it as much once she started moving. But she settled after a couple lapland let brian work with her! She's starting to stall okay, she still hates blankets and only lets us get them on sometimes! She is the farthest along out of everyone! 

Freckles has been doing well also! She is the second farthest along! She's a little more alert then trigger is, she really hates being by herself (they all do). We have put a saddle on her back but haven't been able to cinch it up yet. She doesn't like the sound of the cinches so we are letting her get used to that, we also tried to do the barrel saddle instead and she let us get a little farther but not much! She loves all treats and still comes right up to you in the field! Even lets us put her halter on and off- shes terrible in a stall but hopefully that will get better over time! She let us do her feet but not her backs- so that's something Abbie will have to work on with her! 

Royallllll the biggest pain in the butt there is. lol - we haven't even got close to putting a saddle on her, she does this cool thing ( sarcasm) were she rears up in the air and tries to come at you… so we've been dealing with that lol BUT she was the best to get her feet done thank god bc lord knows she needed it- she has the worst feet of them all and will prolly need front shoes in her future! She's a big challenge for Abbie and Brian! Even trainers get discouraged and need help sometimes! They also gave her and them a couple days to think and process and for them to think also.hopefully we will start her back up next week! The weather is such a hit or miss this week! It's like we have one good week and then one bad week. 

Here's to many more weeks! I'm going to try to do weekly updates instead of every couple days because there really hasn't been much going on. I'm still working on the video part as the system sucks and sometimes doesn't let me post what i want.

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