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Syracuse NY 2024

I could write about this weekend for ever and ever but I’ll try to keep it as short as I can … maybe?!

Horses are so mental and so physical it’s actually insane. I wish we all just “ sat there “ and let the horse work. Horses are humbling. They make you understand respect,m. They depend on YOU to be there for them and not the other way around.

Seasoning a horse is HARD and it’s a lot of work, it’s finding consistency but still learning to be risky at the same time. It’s falling off, it’s missing your pocket , it’s messing up, it’s bad days and it’s good days! EVERYONE has to go through this process with horses. It’s just part of it!

Our travel team kids KILLED IT this weekend!

Ava  “ Hudak” and ducky have been putting in so much work and this weekend it showed!

Friday- 15.843 to win the 3D youth side pot!

Saturday - 15.673 but knocked

Sunday - she came back and redeemed herself and ran the fastest time of the team with a 15.201 to be .200 too fast for money!

Finishing 10th overall in youth out of 300+ riders and 2 runs bc she knocked!

Finishing 36th in the open out of riders all over the country! Absolutely incredible! At 13 years old! Ducky is such a once in a lifetime horse!

Sienna and “more heroics” has there first far supershow! This mare is not the easiest horse but man is she athletic and does she love to run and does it SO effortlessly, watching her move is just incredible!

Friday we knocked but would have been a 17.2

Saturday we pushed to our spot and got a 16.8 winning 3rd in the 4D!

Sunday sadly forgot to push to our spot one stride but their first barrel was everything she’s been working on and more! So proud of them! Cant wait to see where all they go! First super show ever and won a check! So proud!

Danica and our sweet sweet mare mare girl did so awesome! Mare is just the best and she has so idea the confidence she gives so many people, we could never ever thank her enough for everything she’s given so many!

Friday - 17.4 warming up and finding our spots!

Saturday 17.3

Sunday - mare mare was ready to go today and Danica was nice and confident running a 16.7!! Winning 3rd in the 4D in the youth! So cool to watch what mare has done for these girls and so many and so proud of Danica for being the little jockey that she is!

Abbie and pistol were nice and constant all weekend! So fun to watch this little mare work so hard on the pattern!!

Friday- 16.1

Saturday -16.0

Sunday -15.5!! She was really with her! Thank you Quinn for everything you helped us with to pattern this mare and make her the cool horse on the pattern that she is!

Amaih and Layton had there amazing first off property show! Seasoning a horse is all about learning the ends and outs of what it takes to jockey them and be there for the horse! This horse has a cool style!

Friday- 20.1 - there fastest time yet!

Saturday - 21.0 just got a little lost at second

Sunday - knocked but their first barrel was amazing!!!

This life is so cool, so worth it, and is suppose to be fun!!! Competing with some of the best of the best! We are so blessed to be able to provide these opportunities for so many young ones! Thank you to everyone who makes these races possible! The at home barn crew that works so hard! The parents who make sure we all eat. The loading and unloading help, everything everyone does ! We truly are the best family and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Peace out Syracuse ,NY 2024 we can’t wait to come back next year 💙

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