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...But youre a trainer- why do you have a trainer?

If I had a nickel for everytime i got this question I would be so rich! 

Listen listen listen  one of the best parts about horses is that no one person absolutely knows every single thing there is to know about them. It's almost impossible. Most of the time with horses you want someone above you that knows more than you. You wanna be the best? You have to train with the best. You have to hang with the best. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you. 

Everyone needs someone to push you to your limits.everyone needs that person that's gonna be there for you. Everyone needs someone to push them. Throughout high school and college we had some great coaches. When we moved up here from Texas I thrived to find someone that was going to push me. I was getting sloppy and picking up on habits that I didn't notice because I was just going through the motions not even realizing the loud rider I was becoming. I needed a trainer but I needed a true,deep,raw,hard, one that won races consistently. I needed to be trained by someone that would push me to be the best horse woman  I could possibly be! I also needed someone i could throw ideas around when i have horses that are pushing me- or kids where they aren't getting my teaching style or their horse is doing something i haven seen.or if i want an outsiders option , one that does not see the horse everyday and can tell you the truth from the outside.

I studied at races- studied the riders, the winner, who i wanted to ride like, what i wanted m horses to look like, how they would move their bodies, use their hind ends, i was fascinated with the “yellow hat girl” me and a friend were at a race just the two of us and it was a huge race, big weekend- prolly over 200 riders and we saw the yellow hat girl run the only 14 second pattern of the weekend! I knew from that time on that I wanted to learn from her and do whatever I needed for her to be my coach. Me and Abbie went to her two lost souls. Every week for the whole winter me and Abbie were up there and Quinn would work with us in all kinds of temps! She taught me and Abbie so much in just six months. Our horses went from hating their jobs to wanting to work hard and turn the barrels! Quinn made us and the horses confident. Taking on the season quins goal for boone and i was to stay consistent- and that we managed through the help of her! 

Managing to win 1st in the 3D three shows in a row - 

3d state campion 

Placing 3d at super shows with the best of the best

She managed to help push me through my mental breaks! She made barrel racing a fun sport for me again and pushed me to be the best horse person I can be. She cares about me and my horses and always makes sure we attend the shows with the most money and the best dirt for the equine athletes! 

Quinn is the strongest person i have ever met and i'll never be able to say enough good things about her. She's such a huge part of my life on a personal level and such a huge part of the ranch as she helps us with any issues I have with horses! 

Throughout the year and season you will be hearing a lot more about Quinn so I wanted to give everyone just a little explanation as I could write about her for days and days!

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