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Consistency is KEY 🔑

What are two things that humans and horses have in common?

Both need Consistency.

Yep something so small but yet so important,you don't realize how much you need it in your life until you- A) don't have it. or B) lose it. speaking from a personal experience - you can't go wrong with being consistent. In the beginning of the year,last year my trainer gave me that goal and I didn't understand it at first. I didn't want to do the same things. I didn't understand how that would affect me in races. Not only did it help me get confident in racing but it also helped in so many other areas of my life!

Horses need more than just one lesson a week-or to be ridden once and then a lesson.

SOME horses can do that. But most can't.

Lesson horses are different as they are in work often and if they aren't a rockin j trainer will ride them. But I see that kids and adults have a harder time when it's their own horse and they aren't being ridden or worked as hard. Every horse needs to be worked differently! Work with your Rockin J trainer to figure out what is best for your horse! But you have to come out and ride your horse! You have to come out and make mistakes! Me abbie or brian try to be there where we can but we cant be there forever! You have to come out! You have to put the time in!

You don't just have to ride either! Take your horse out, groom them, do ground work, take them in the arena on foot and get through obstacles with them! Spend time with them! Go out in the woods! Ride with your friends!

The only way your horse and you are going to get better is consistency.

Trust the process.

Come out as much as you can!

The season will be here quick guys! Start consistent habits now!

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