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Meet my Personal crew~

I have two personal horses- both have taken my blood, sweat and tears and continue  too everyday. 

I have Boone “Imma Sunshine Streaker” he is a 6 year old registered quarter horse gelding. We got him when he was three and he was very lightly started on the pattern. He had about 9 months off due to me and Brian getting married and moving back from Texas to new Jersey- maybe we will talk about that one day. Boone is not an easy horse. He thinks the whole wide world is going to eat him- he is scared of the saddle every time you saddle him no matter what. He hates being last on the trails but can't be first or he will send the whole herd running ( true story this has happened to me before) he loves to be brushed and pampered all the time. Every morning I bring a cliff bar into work and he and I share the bar together and spend every morning together. In the winter he hates to be cold and in the summer he hates any kind of big ever. So he must have fly gear on him 24/7 to keep the bugs off of him or he is unhappy and will buck and run for hours. Unlike the other horses at the ranch, Boone loves his stall and loves coming inside the barn. He will stay in the barn all day. Boone is incredibly hard to catch and really doesn't let anyone get him but me. I took Boone to my trainer Quinn( which you'll hear a lot about and i even plan on a trainer blog post sooooo)  we were honestly pretty bad- without consistent lessons and no one pushing me the way i pushed everyone isn't working for me. I needed a coach and I needed discipline. Boone went from hates his job to loving his job - he went from being there because he had to - to wanting to be there. Our goal this year was consistency and he completed just that! Winning the 3D in many local shows - to winning 3D state champs- even placing in the 3D at super shows! He had blown me away! Now to really iron things out and get to be smooth and fast!

Registered name: Classy Gizmo 

Barn name: “Gizmo” 

Nickname:bby G, Mama Gurl, 

The mare that taught me the best but worst versions of myself. The horse that pushes me everyday to be better. The horse that doesnt deal with my bull shit and doesnt put up with me when I decide to wake up and be a shitty rider- welcome to my blog we cuss here from time to time 😜. This mare came off the track perfectly- when she first came off i was dumb and pulled her back shoes and she abscessed forever~ this horse came off the track really wanting to get down and turn ( some are just so natural at it) I did everything by my trainer. She would tell me what to work on every week for a year. She had a couple of breaks in the summer which she needed coming off the track. She went to her first race in november at diamond 7 and I lost my stirrups going to 1st and she slowed down and let me get my life together but had a hell of a second and third! Hopefully I can become the rider Gizmo needs to be able to fully show her amazing potential! She's quick and big and has a ton of power! She's the scariest but best horse i've ever ridden. She pushes me to never give up and to be the best as much as i can! This month we are taking the whole month ( lol what a joke we cant ride this week anyway) any not working on a barrel - we went back to the basics and just are walk trot loping a circle and working on leg collection and not blowing our brain heheheheh im so excited to really season this sweet mare this year! 

Feat: boone and gizmo the first 2 weeks i had them <3

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