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Horses working on ground work from horse back!

Updated: Feb 2

Well the girls got a couple days off but on monday after the snow we decided to get them out and stretch their legs- they are still a little buddy sour but also when horses are just barely halter broke you can use other broke horses to help show them what to do. Most horses are followers and want to be with the horse that is dominant and will follow them wherever they may go! 

Trigger is the roan and she picks up on everything very quick with very little drama- skittles is medium drama but Royal is BIG drama- she hates to be told what to do- she has always gotten to do whatever she wanted to and when 1) foley told her what to do , 2) brian told her what to do she was so mad that she threw some massive fits! Brian and foley handled her fits very well. She is going to be the hardest of the three because she's so dominant- which when we got the three of them we thought she was going to be the easiest bc she was the sweetest at first and let us put blankets and  other things on her. But boy is her chestnut paint MARE showing…. Color is always more crazy than a good ol chestnut or bay gelding- there's nothing like them- but everyone always wants the color!

Abbie has been learning so much through this process and Brian is able to show everyone what he learned in college and how important groundwork is, you don't understand how hard untouched horses are until you're messing with them! They don't know anything. Everything is a whole new world. Someone the other day compared it to restarting an OTTB. I have to slightly disagree with them. You do have to put so much work into retraining a ottb- or any horses for that matter but at least ( even if they sometimes don't act like it) they have seen things before and had someone on their back at one time- been in a stall ( these never have) gotten their feet done (the girl haven't) and so much more! 

Be grateful for your broke horses! Even on the bad days! Never take a day for granted! Training all horses is hard and they will test you some days and make you proud on the others- Brian and Abbie are learning this right now! Have the good day! Always remember too with training! Know when to quit and don't go longer than 20-30 min sessions at a time if you can help it!

Part one

Part two

Part three

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