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Day one

We had to quarantine these sweet babies even though it was so hard not to go out there and touch them everyday! But at the end of the day after we fed and were about to go home for the day we went there to put blankets on them for the first time and to brush them up a little bit. We then discovered a ton of rain rot and bot flies which all needed to be treated as soon as possible. 

There was a rain storm coming this day so we went there before the rain with the Harrison family and tried to do as much with them as we could. We wormed them and sprayed their whole bodies with a rain rot spray and the poured MTG ( the smell is so gross but the results are SO worth it .... ) we tried to brush them they let us a little. We can't wait to show these babies the best life we possibly can!

Freckles selfie!

Trigger trying to see if she likes people or not

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